Dynamo Task API is new asynchronous version of previous compose API. It can be used to execute Dynamo Application Templates (DAP) and to monitor execution status.


Task API is available through base URI:


API usage requires following headers.



Tenant/customer ID. Can be obtained through Dynamo license manager. When Salesforce is in use, tenant ID is same as Salesforce organization ID.


API usage authorization key. Can be obtained through Dynamo support. Keep this key safe, together with tenant ID it enables access to the API.


Task API can be integrated directly with Salesforce or it can be used standalone i.e. no connection to Salesforce.

Task start

Task is started using post task API.

Task status

Task status is available through status API.

Task completion

Task is ready when status response JSON “completed” property value is “true”. In case of errors status response JSON property “errors“ is also true.

Task completion can be monitored by polling task status. In case of Salesforce integration task template logic could send Salesforce platform event when task is ready. This way status polling isn’t required.

Task results

When Salesforce integration is in use task template logic can save files, update records and create new records directly to Salesforce.

If Salesforce integration isn’t in use, resulting files can be stored as temporary files with store command and accessed through unique URL for one hour. Result file urls can be read from task status response.


API tasks can be monitored through Dynamo customer console site. All posted tasks from last 3 days are visible in the console with status and possible error logs.

Send email to dynamo.support@documill.com for further information.

Command restrictions

Following legacy compose API commands can’t be used: